This piece is a mix of russian blue trade beads, sterling silver spacers and clasp and bone beads to make a choker with this lovely sterling silver centerpiece of a vintage atomizer. The one end screws off and essential oils added to carry your favorite scent. 

All of these pieces are from authentic tribal vendors that I have found in my travels. Some are sterling others may be mixed metals, but all are vintage.  

I may not know exactly what country they are from, so if you recognize anything that can be described in the correct manner, please message me so I can describe it properly. . 

Personal Essential Oil Deffuser $225

Sterling Silver, Russian Blue beads with vintage centerpiece. 

*Blue Russian Trade Beads are still very desirable and collected all over the world. In fact, they are getting very hard to find, so if you see any at an antique shop or maybe even if you’re lucky at an estate sale, snatch them up immediately! 



  Silver Tribal Necklace. Big, Bold and Beautiful!  $575


Big and Bold Ganesha Necklace $195