Come join the fun of Facilitated Drum Circles.

                            ~ Family Oriented for All Ages ~

                         "Creating Unity in Your Community"

                                     Starting in November!

                 Hurry and grab a date and give me a call asap! 

     We All have a heartbeat, therefore we All have rhythm.  

              Come share your rhythm with others.

              Absolutely no experience necessary! 

                                   *Starting in November 

       I will provide the community with Facilitated Drum Circles.   

                      An Evidence Based Wellness Program

     Circles. It is a wonderful modality for healing mind, body,


     If you are interested and would like to have a Facilitated

     Drum Circle for your group or organization in the Coachella

     Valley, please give me a call.  You will be glad you did!     


     *Facilitating the following: 55 and up Communities. - Private Parties - 

                                      Womens groups - Wellness Centers - 

      If you have a need in your community, group or corporation, please

     let me know and I will make create a Wellness Drum Circle for you.  


    Drum Circle Facilitation

   "An Evidence Based Wellness Program"

    For your Community or Organization. 

                   Palm Desert, CA 

                Ph: (760) 567-8606

We sit in beginning and no end... to bring everyone together with the intent for spiritual and physical well being.  Sharing rhythms from our hearts with our drums. We all become entrained rhythm.

Jealous of the “runner’s high” serious athletes feel after an intense, vigorous workout? Well, newly published research reveals three alternative ways you can release those mood-enhancing endorphins:

Singing, dancing, and drumming.

That’s the conclusion of a study by University of Oxford psychologist Robin Dunbar. He and his colleagues report people who have just been playing music have a higher tolerance for pain—an indication their bodies are producing endorphins, which are sometimes referred to as natural opiates.

In their experiments, simply listening to music did not produce this positive effect. “We conclude that it is the active performance of music that generates the endorphin high, not the music itself,” the researchers write in the online journal Evolutionary Psychology.






"Rhythms from the Heart"

                Sherry's Bio  aka "Ravencrow"

Sherry is a level 4 Acutonics sound practitioner.  

She has completed Marla Goldstein's Frame Drum Academy in 2018 and created a Womens Frame Drum Zoom Circle. "The Honey Bees".  

Furthering her studies she is a graduate of Christine Stevens Drum Facilitation Course .  

Recently completed Drum Circle Facilitation Course 1 & 2 of Andrew Ecker and Monica Patton's  Drumming Circles Facilitation Workshop in Prescot and Sedona.