Having gravitated toward different styles and tastes my entire life, designing and creating unique jewelry is one of my many passions. 

My Mother was a professional seamstress and taught me how to sew when I was about 8.  I had my own sewing machine which was a small hand crank one that I still have.  I started making my own clothes in grammar school and high school.

Because I grew up in the 60's when beads and funky styles were in, I started ceating my own jewelry. My Aunts taught me how to knit so I mixed in a few beads with the yarn and created scarves which I called, "Fuzzy Jewels". 

When in the bead shop, which was also a fabric and quilt shop, I started taking quilting classes and made over 50 quilts for friends and family. Who knows what will evolve on this site for that! Check back from time to time to see.   

When I found another love, ATS Belly Dance, it was a great outlet for me to design some unique costumes which prompted me to do a few creative costume classes in my community of Dance Sisters. We designed costumes for our troupe.

My studies at the University of Metaphysical Science and Acutonics Sound Healing, sparked my creativity into another rhelm, Natural Gemstones and their healing properties. Putting what I was learning about the stones and their meanings, I created a line of jewelry by tuning in to the energy of the stones and creating a combination of 3 (a balance umber) natural gemstones with a Swarovski Crystal pave bead (crystals for communication) and a silver or copper bali bead (silver and copper enhances the energy of the stone). These pieces are called "Gemstone Alchemy". 

The result is striking designs coming from of a love of simple beauty and a joy for making things by hand. Ravencrow Designs is a collective of all that I create. 

I hope you enjoy what I have for you and check back offen to see what is new. 

Bam...something new! Along with bellydance came drumming. I ventured out and found a great way to accompany dancing. I enrolled in Marla Goldsteins Frame Drum Accademy and Christine Stevens Drum Facilitation course.

This year I went to Andrew Ecker's Drum Facilitation workshop in Prescott, AZ.  I have a new partner in facilitating drum circles for wellness.  Click on the link and see what it is all about. "Rhythms from the Heart"     Blessings...RC